Authentic Birkin Shape VS UBF Birkin Shape VS Other Authentic Quality Birkin Shape



For us here at Uncle Bench, we are obsessed with shape. There are many sellers and resellers that claim they have authentic quality Birkins for sale. And yes, they may have authentic leather and some other authentic items, like thread and so on, but you cannot call anything authentic quality if it does not pass the most telling point of all… the shape.

In this article we are going to delve into the shape of Birkins. As Ed Sheeran would say, “I’m in love with the shape of you” – well, we couldn’t agree more, Ed, but we are in love with the shape of our UBF (“UBF” stands for Uncle Bench Factory, which is our own factory, dedicated to making the best Hermes products) authentic quality Birkins, which are the exact same shape as authentic!

First, let’s look at some pictures of authentic Birkins:

Please pay attention to the shape, notice how they are square, with a slight curving inwards around the middle of the bag. We have highlighted this shape with the help of blue arrows:

Here is a  pic of another authentic Birkin, without the blue arrows. Again, notice the curving inwards around the middle of the bag:

Here are some pics of UBF Authentic Quality Birkins:

Notice how the shape of ours also curves inwards around the middle of the bag:

Here are some pics of non-UBF Authentic Quality Birkins:

These bags are made by others. Some of the pics we are showing here are from other well known sellers/factories, that are regularly highlighted online.

These bags are being sold for thousands of dollars, yet the shape is not square. Their shape is wider at the bottom, tapers in the middle and slimmer on top, like a less pronounced trapezoid.

This is so far away from the authentic’s shape, notice the blue arrows in the first pic show the bag decreasing in width as it gets to the top of the bag:

Here at Uncle Bench, here at UBF, we strive to make the best Hermes bags on the market. We don’t want you guys to think we are salty, but we need to show you guys the truth. Get your money’s worth when investing into authentic quality, and if you see a Birkin that is not square with a slight curving around the middle, and someone is calling it “authentic quality” and trying to charge you an authentic quality price, run away and don’t look back!

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