Warning: Do not engage with fake UB accounts and sellers!



We only use this WeChat account: Rachel713540

We only own these websites:


Any other WeChat and WhatsApp account, profile on Taobao, iOffer, DHGate, eBay, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit that you see that has a similar name to us, or says they are us, ARE NOT US!

Thanks all, and be safe, there are many scammers about and we don’t want any of you to be stung!

This seller has been stealing our name and impersonating us for many many years now. He would change names every now and then but oftentimes he would use our name. Recently he has been at it again and using our name on the rep subreddits and on social media.

Please also take note that this seller doesn’t even have a factory of their own. The pics that they post on their website and on social media are not even theirs. The pics are from a Guangzhou Baiyun Store seller. The bags bought from them are from many different factories with varying qualities.

Please be careful and please help us by reporting them. Thank you.

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