QC Pictures and Our Processing Times



We get asked every single day, by almost every single customer “how long will it take before i receive QC (quality control) pictures of my order?” This question is so common, yet so hard for us to answer at times, and here is why:


1a. We do not order your item/s until you have paid the invoice we send you and the money has been received by us.

1b. Typically it takes us 1-3 days to pick up a Western Union or Money Gram.

2a. When we have receive your payment, we then order your items/s.

2b. Different items have different wait times.

As an example a made to order authentic quality Chanel takes about 3+ weeks for us to get, as it is hand-made. A UBF Hermes product typically takes 3-6+ weeks to make. Some bags on our website (mostly non Chanel and Hermes bags) are usually available and pre-made, therefore they only take about 7-10 working days to arrive to us.

When  we finish your order, or we receive your order from the factory, we then do our own personal QC on the item, to ensure that it is perfect.

This means that sometimes we can wait for a product to be delivered to us and when we get it, we have to send it back for a new one, which then delays the whole process even further.

Put it this way, we want to send you something perfect, and this can take time, sometimes up to 1 month to 6 weeks after receiving your payment. Is it worth it? Of course! Is it also annoying? Of course! But this is the nature of the industry, and is unfortunately sometimes unavoidable.

3a. When we have received your item/s and they pass our QC, we then send QC pics to you for you to approve or disapprove. If you disapprove them then we have to repeat the process above and await a replacement.

3b. If you approve the QC pics we go ahead and send the package out, and it takes us about 3+ working days to get the tracking number to you, as we have to ship your order to our courier, who then ships it out on our behalf and then sends us a tracking number.

As you can see, it can often be a lengthy process, but we hope this article here serves to be informative and helpful. We will also do our best for you, be as fast as we possibly can and deliver to you the most perfect bag, shoes, jewelry, etc. you have ever seen. This much is a guarantee!

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